Chibi Problems #1

A Christian chibi series Happy 2020 Comic fans! Pact Comics is starting it’s pre-season show and this means lots of Lil’Blue and friends until the return of Guild Tomes and High Society, we will start off with an inconvenient truth… Gravity HATES chibis! God bless and happy new year everyone, see you again soon!

Christian Manga – Guild Tomes Ch 2, Pg 4

A Christian Fantasy Manga Christian manga is fun, one day your drawing a chibi in a goofy hat and the next day an elf stalking sleeping people…With a kitchen knife. Fun indeed!

Christian Manga: High Society Chapter 1 End

Our christian superhero comic ends it’s first chapter. It is so great to finally be done with this chapter… I loved making it but in the six years I have been making Christian superhero comics as an amateur and now semi-profession funding, health issues and devastating technical issues have seen to it that no project…

HIGH SOCIETY 11 & 12: Prayers and Love…

The love and chaos continues….Or starts, either way its here! Its update time Pact Keepers and you know what that means, Christian comic goodness! You can find the last installment HERE. Please like and share if you know a fellow Christian you likes manga, comics and or webcomics and like us at… God bless!

Pact Comics – Chatting and Christian Manga

Question: What has God done for you and do you make Christian Manga? So I wanted to make a more personal connect with you Pact Keepers so I decided to start posting some videos where I draw a bit and make some talking points on Christian manga and comics. A big part of Christian manga…