Being a Comic Artist #1: Healthy Sleep Schedules

Indie Comics Meet Christian Comics. No seriously is that like some kind of orange or…? When deadlines and ideas are around every corner remember that you are a human being and need to take care of yourself, can’t draw if your always nodding off….Or dead!

MMOs and Monsters: SKINS

Gaming Comics for Christians I play a lot of MMOs and in them you begin to see very familiar faces. You have ROLEPLAYERS people whos favorite aspect of the game is logging in and immersing in the theatrics and assuming the identity of their character and enjoying the experience of exploring a new world through…

Christian Comic Books: High Society pg 2 (Remastered)

Hey PAct-Keepers, so we are doing something a little different. I have grown a lot as an artist and writer since I started this story and it only felt right to go on if I went back and touched up the first chapter of High Society before we move forward with the next ones. I…

Christian Comic Books: Edge of the Flock part 2

Now a word from the creator GERRY LEE In this scene, Debby Peterson meets George Ito in a used bookstore. George is a student of the occult, and is into demonology, ancient religions, and necromancy. It’s always struck me as odd that libraries and bookstores tend to group religion books near the occult. The fact…

Christian Manga: Edge of the Flock Ch 1

A Free Christian Comic series by Gerry Lee Debbie’s story starts here and the Edge of the Flock is the Chronicles of her travels, joys and trials as she tries to build a new life in a small town with nothing but a little faith and a lot of hope!

Lil’Blue: Romans 8:37

Bible comics for kids and teens. In times when it feels like your taking a beating and God is nowhere to be seen rest assured, like any good coach or manager hes in the corner, confident that your training together prepared you or watching for the moment you have had enough! Psalm 144 Of David.Blessed…

Chibi Problems #1

A Christian chibi series Happy 2020 Comic fans! Pact Comics is starting it’s pre-season show and this means lots of Lil’Blue and friends until the return of Guild Tomes and High Society, we will start off with an inconvenient truth… Gravity HATES chibis! God bless and happy new year everyone, see you again soon!

Christian Manga – Guild Tomes Ch 2, Pg 4

A Christian Fantasy Manga Christian manga is fun, one day your drawing a chibi in a goofy hat and the next day an elf stalking sleeping people…With a kitchen knife. Fun indeed!