Artist Problems #1

Christian geared Manga has it’s challenges! What are some of your biggest issues when your trying to create? Share and you might see your problem immortalized here! Please SHARE and LIKE to help us along, God bless and have a good one Pact-Keepers!

Chibi Problems #1

A Christian chibi series Happy 2020 Comic fans! Pact Comics is starting it’s pre-season show and this means lots of Lil’Blue and friends until the return of Guild Tomes and High Society, we will start off with an inconvenient truth… Gravity HATES chibis! God bless and happy new year everyone, see you again soon!

Christian Manga – Guild Tomes Ch 2, Pg 4

A Christian Fantasy Manga Christian manga is fun, one day your drawing a chibi in a goofy hat and the next day an elf stalking sleeping people…With a kitchen knife. Fun indeed!

Christian Manga – Guild Tomes Ch 2, Page 2

Christian comic books online. The biggest fears, the worst monsters and our darkest days are often found in our own minds, in the chinks of our spirit’s armor. Through quite time and inward communion with God we can weather these storms. God will never leave you nor forsake you. These monsters can smash us and…