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When I was younger I loved Pokemon much like i am sure many of you did, from there it stretched out into other series like Card Captors, Monster Rancher and my all time favorite childhood anime Digimon.

These series were all so enthralling, I loved the idea of exploring these alien worlds with a little monster friend by my side, it embodied our natural sense of childhood wonder and coupled it with the idea of a friendship that had no hidden agenda, it mimicked the sense of wonder I found in God years later and I always wondered that if these series were preparing me to accept God into my life later on.

MMOs and Monsters is my attempt at keeping the legacy of this genre going, I won’t lie it feels pretty great to be letting it out into the world, I just hope God can use it the way he used those series to help guide me to him.

God bless and enjoy Pact Keepers, see you again soon!

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