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If your stopping by here I assume your a Christian comics fan or curious about the genre.

Here at Pact Comics we have Christian comics ranging from Christian fantasy to Christian masked crime fighters.

If thats all you need to know then feel free to hit our comics up HERE

It is my hope that in this world you can drop by here once in a while and get a break from a corrupt world. Enjoy some faith safe fantasy and excitement or some uplifting messages.

So take your shoes off, relax like you deserve to and pull up a little drake friend, your at Pact comics where we make comics for Christians.

Where to get started

Christian comics

Guild Tomes is the Christian fantasy series in our Christian Comics archive and it follows the adventures of young Dron Hahmer, a young Paladin adventurer in service of the Triune Power.

As time goes on Dron finds that he and his party are being pulled deeper and deeper into a war long thought over and in realty is far from being won.

Christian comics

High Society is our masked heroes with superpowers series. The series follows trouble young delinquent Zeke Jobs as a deal he made as a child with an ancient entity is nearing an end and he his short violent life is put on the line.

Also we will be hosting Livestreams of our comics being created you can watch and interact with and you will also find blogs on Christian living and encouragement!

This world is a harsh and unfeeling place, I know that to well and it is my hope I can help you make it by sharing what our Father has shared with me, so welcome Pact Keeper, I hope to hear from you soon! For more please follow us on Facebook or Twitter and please share anything you think your friends might enjoy as well!

Thank you and God bless!