MMOs and Monsters pg 11: Game on!

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Thats a wrap for Mmos and Monsters chapter 1 Pact Keepers, thank you for reading along with us!

Its time for our yearly Christmas Shutdown but we’ll see you in January for the long awaited debut of Guild Tomes Remastered!

God bless and Merry Christmas Pact Keepers!

MMOs and Monsters pg 9: Ignite your flame!

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Another Christian webcomic on the books!

Passion is a funny thing, it can lift people to do amazing, world changing things but without it we can be brought as low as a the dust itself but perhaps even more important is Choice, when we plant our feet and choose to walk with or without passion and focus on purpose rather then circumstance we can make it through seasons without passion driving us forward.

UPDATE: MMOs and Monsters chapter 1 is coming to a close soon and with it this season of Pact Comics but we will be back in January with the long awaited “GUILD TOMES: Remastered”

Until next time Pact Keepers God bless and keep moving forward!

MMOs and Monsters pg 7: Best Imaginary Friend

Christian Comic Books and Webcomics

Christian Comic Books

Anyone who grew up with the excitement of 1st Gen Pokemon as well as Digimon, Monster Rancher, Card Captor Sakura and Medabots knows that feel!

The idea that a chance encounter or twist of fate could bring you into contact with some fantastical creature or being that turns out to be your truest friend and supporter was and still is an exciting prospect with Digimon and Pokemon still going strong to this day and games like Monster Hunter Stories and countless app games adopting the idea and getting great success from it.

Deep down we have a deep and true desire to be loved and understood and I while God is the only thing that can truly fill this need perhaps it is with such stories he reveals to us our need for it so we can ask him to provide us with this connection only he can truly fill in our lives.

MMOs and Monsters Ch 1, pg 6: Nostalgic Shows…

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Never underestimate what made you happy when you were little, what God used to help you see light no mater how small or silly it was.

As the word itself says…

Yet God chose the foolish things of the world so He might put to shame the wise; and God chose the weak things of the world so He might put to shame the strong; ~ 1 Cor 1:27 TLV

Go is able to use all things from nature, art, music, food, misfortune and joy of all kinds to reveal his light to us, he can and will surprise you with just how much the Grand Creator God of countless worlds and lives admires and cherish the simple and humble things.

MMOs and Monsters ch1, pg 4: Got the ring and living the dream!

Christian Comic Books

Christian Comic books

Good for you Star!

Man, is anyone else itching for the day we get top tier VR? The kind that not only lets us see stuff but affects our sense to point realty and the VR are blurred?

Will it even be virtually reality then?

Then again maybe we should hold off, I don’t think I’d trust Developers with my life, I barely trust them with my payment info!

MMOs and Monsters Ch 1: Pg 2: Moons Light.

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God’s Healing: Covid has been beaten and the Comics are flowing again!

I am happy to report that my family’s bought with Covid is over and that everyone got through it just fine, thank you to all who prayed for us and wished us well!

Even more good news is that I am now back to getting the comics flowing again and we’ll start off with page two of MMOs and Monsters! One good thing about the unexpected break was it gave me plenty of time to commune with God and developed a richer, deeper lore for this series and the others and we have come up with a lot of things i am personally very excited to share with all of you in chapters to come!

So enjoy. God bless and see you all again soon Pact Keepers!


Update: New Christian Webcomic series “MMOs and Monsters” has launched!

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Hey Pact Keepers, we are back and we got a special treat!

MMOs and Monsters is our newest sci-fi/fanatsy series following a young woman who looks to find some peace and fun in a new game and ends up with the world on her shoulders once they line between real life and the game is shattered!

Start reading for free now!

God bless Pact Keepers.