Christian Comic Books: High Society pg 2 (Remastered)

Hey PAct-Keepers, so we are doing something a little different.

I have grown a lot as an artist and writer since I started this story and it only felt right to go on if I went back and touched up the first chapter of High Society before we move forward with the next ones.

I love God and want to honor him and sometimes that means going back and fixing a few things before we move forward. Thank for your views and as always God bless Pact-Keepers!

Christian Manga: High Society Chapter 1 End

Our christian superhero comic ends it’s first chapter.

It is so great to finally be done with this chapter…

I loved making it but in the six years I have been making Christian superhero comics as an amateur and now semi-profession funding, health issues and devastating technical issues have seen to it that no project until now was truly finished.

It makes me kind of teary to know I get to move this story further into it’s own universe.

In six years this is my first finished chapter for a personal project, its such a small part of whats to come but God willing this little step forward will be end up being a great journey for all of us!

Christian superhero comics are a ever growing genre. We need more creators passionate about creating for God to keep throwing their two cents into the mix.

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HIGH SOCIETY 11 & 12: Prayers and Love…

christian manga webcomics and superheroes

The love and chaos continues….Or starts, either way its here!

Its update time Pact Keepers and you know what that means, Christian comic goodness!

You can find the last installment HERE.

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God bless!

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Christian Manga – High Society 7-8 – Christian Webcomic

Christian Comics – Pact Comics

Making a Christian webcomic is an interesting thing…

…This many years in and I am finally above the lighting and shading effects seen in this comic, we all had to start somewhere.

So one thing I never really see in a Christian webcomic or even see Pastors talk about are the grating faults you, me and the heroes of the bible have.

We get these half truth stories sometimes that the Prophets and Saints of old were these perfect beings that won God’s favor through sheer perfect faith and character, it makes it hard to relate to them.

Each of them were as flawed as any of us and each of them failed often when it came to their own merit and required God’s grace so they could make it but so often that is played down to try and get us to believe that being a Christian is as easy as acting like someone else.

Do not get me wrong, its great to learn from and try to grow from the men and women of the scriptures, their stories and faith are vital for our growth but we need to realize that we are the ones here today living for God and comparing our deep personal relationship with Jesus to another persons living or dead is going to hurt us.

You are flawed but your trying to be better, you failed but so have we all…



God’s precious little treasure.

And nothing is ever going to change that. It is important in a story for us to see the hero at their best AND at their worst so I knew I had to create wonderfully complex and flawed characters to reflect that struggle we are all living, so get ready, sparks are gonna fly as we get this story rolling as we keep this Christian webcomic wagon moving!

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Christian Comics – High Society 6: Dismissed

Christian Comics
Christian webcomics by Pact Comics

Christian Comics

High Society 6

Well….When a giant silver dragon entity reduces you to dream ash and demands you do good deeds or else…You do’em kids!


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Christian Comics : High Society 5 – The Deal

Christian Comics – High Society 5

Christian Webcomics by Pact Comics

High Society 5; The Deal

This comic feels very timely right now.

I know so many, myself included who feel like we are under a similar deal with God right now like Zeke has with this person, we feel like there is some unspoken rule that the crimes of our past bind us to try and be accountable for our wrongs long after we have come before God and left it at God’s feet, that if ever allow ourselves the mercy of letting go of that feeling of self loathing we are not strong in our faith…

That is a lie though!

The enemy wants us to feel that even after repentance before God and Christ that we are not fully redeemed and in doing so it creates a smoke and mirrors effect that while we are focused on ourselves we do not see that by refusing to let go we dishonor God by calling him a liar, by not believing that God has forgiven us because in our hearts we cannot think God would forgive us if we can’t do so ourselves.

Don’t fall for the illusion the pain of regret makes, the only deal is that if you repent and ask God for forgiveness you get it, don’t pick it back up, don’t carry a piece of it with you in secret, trade your ashes for beauty and accept God’s deal of forgiveness today.

…to grant to those who mourn in Zion— to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he may be glorified.

                                            Isaiah 61:3

God bless Pact Keepers. 😉


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