High Society Ch 2, Pg 8: Fiery Memories.

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Its the Christmas season and that means we recall the true reason for this season and thats to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus.

There’s a lot of debate around when Jesus was born and the true origins of Christmas but I invite you to instead focus on peace and good will this season instead, we need more kindness and less stress anyway!

So God bless and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Pact Keepers!

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High Society: Chapter 2, Pg 5

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Well….what a sweet little….Person!

Zeke’s past is coming into light and we are about half way done with this chapter already Pact Keepers! And next we will be premiering a WHOLE NEW SERIES!

This one was teased a few months back with a mini comic and it will be a real treat for all you Digimon and Pokemon fans as well as fans of MMO gaming!

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Superhero Webcomics: High Society Ch2, Pg3

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Hey Pact Keepers, the story rolls on as Zeke tries to blow off some steam after his run in with the phantom dragon from his dreams.

A quick word for our younger readers up to this point, it can be frustrating and hard to submit to an authority figure, especially one that is not gentle in their guidance but it is better to practice meekness and patience to get what you can out of their guidance so long as it isn’t harmful to your well being physically or mentally.

Just because we don’t like how they do things, even if it humbles, frustrates or challenges us you are far better learning and growing from experience of others then tripping along the way and learning it the harder longer way.

God bless Pact Keepers, until next week for more Christian comics, blogs and art!

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[Christian Superhero Comics] High Society Ch 2, Pg1

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High Society Chapter 2, Page 1 : Haunted by the Past.

Hey ya Pact Keepers!

Chapter 2 is up and Zeke is gonna find the past isn’t just something you can run away from or avoid as more people from his younger days are looking to settle scores!

I hope your ready to see things Amp up this chapter!


Thank you and God bless!