Guild Tomes Ch 1: The Letter

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About ten years ago I started making comics on paper with and felt pens, fantasy adventures for Christian audiences that paved the way for me to grow more as a Christian and Artist then ever before.

It only FELT right that a new year should start with a new start for an old favorite!

God bless and see you next comic Pact Keepers!

Guild Tomes: Filler Comic

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Guild Tomes – The Christian Fantasy Genre

Many of know Guild Tomes was our first comic series, the story of a kind Young Paladin and his life as an adventurer seeking relics of an ancient Warrior Saint but finds himself called to save his family and country from a goblin raiding incursion.

A few long years ago Pact Comics suffered a pretty crippling blow when we lost many of our files and first website and we had to start over and rebuild and as such Guild Tomes has been in limbo ever since then for the most part.

But God has been pulling my attention back to our first story and its got me thinking what might be next for it; I’ve considered recreating it in the form of a Christian fantasy book series, A graphic novel and even return it in an updated web comic form from the the old low quality scans I’ve managed to gather back together from old archives.

So if your an old reader who remembers the story or a new reader interest in getting a Christian fantasy series in one way shape or form please leave a comment with what you would like to see and I’ll take it into consideration as I move forward!

Until next time Pact Keepers, God bless and stay safe!

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Christian Manga – Guild Tomes Ch 2, Page 2

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The biggest fears, the worst monsters and our darkest days are often found in our own minds, in the chinks of our spirit’s armor.

Through quite time and inward communion with God we can weather these storms.

God will never leave you nor forsake you. These monsters can smash us and throw us into the depths of darkness, however they cannot separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Be well family.

Guild Tomes Chapter 2: A Christian Fantasy Series

The Christian webcomics keep on coming…

Christian fantasy series

We did it! The Christian Fantasy series that started Pact Comics is back!

30+ pages and we finally got a glimpse of a Guild Tome…What even are they?

The Christian fantasy comic rides again as we revive our first and flagship series, welcome back Dron, welcome back!

Read the whole first chapter starting HERE


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Thank you and God bless!

Christian Comics – Guild Tomes 17-30

Guild Tomes 17-30 & Bonus comic.

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Guild Tomes - Christian comics - christian manga

When I first started making these christian comics I burnt out a lot.

I regret lost time more then anything else these days when it comes to Pact Comics because I can never get that back as I am sure you know and its a painful reality of this world that we rarely experience when we want it and time when we need it but it is good to know God has planned our course and will help us make these ends meet.

I know how powerful comics can be, its why I chose to make christian comics because its how God drew me to himself, through comics, anime and other seemingly childish things and in doing so saved my very soul with them and that create a passion in me, that if I needed this medium for God then others might as well.

The idea of Guild Tomes itself is to capture the spirit of our sojourn as strangers in a hostile world, unique individuals among a common populace are born with the ability to guide, heal and protect the Lord’s great treasures from the wickedness of man, the fury of beasts and the horrors beyond reality.

I knew I wanted to make a Christian comics series about a strongly symbolic world since reading the works of Tolkien and Lewis. I and others I have met since starting this studio have found more of God’s love and wonder in these writings then a battalion of half-hearted sermons.

You deserve better that, we all do so instead of going the route where I try to rework a traditional evangelical I wanted to bring the best I had from what God has used to make me passionate in service to him and you.

God bless Pact keepers and Christian comic fans!