Updates: New Comics and Fighting Covid!

Hey Pact Keepers! A few updates, first of all the new page of MMOs and Monsters is up READ IT HERE! Secondly we are fighting Covid over here at the studio right now so prayers for all of us here are very appreciated! We dodged the bullet for going on three years but God brought…

Pact Comics: Merry Christmas Pact Keepers!

Christian Comics Online Wishing you a Merry, safe and memorable Christmas this year Pact Keepers, God bless and thank you for our best year EVER! Happy New Year and stay tuned for our 100+ Subscriber special coming soon!

High Society: Chapter 2, Pg 5

Zeke’s past is coming into light and we are about half way done with this chapter already Pact Keepers! And next we will be premiering a WHOLE NEW SERIES!

Guild Tomes: Filler Comic

Many of know Guild Tomes was our first comic series, the story of a kind Young Paladin and his life as an adventurer seeking relics of an ancient Warrior Saint…