Superhero Webcomics: High Society Ch2, Pg3

Pact Comics: Christian Comic Books Online

Christian superheroes

Hey Pact Keepers, the story rolls on as Zeke tries to blow off some steam after his run in with the phantom dragon from his dreams.

A quick word for our younger readers up to this point, it can be frustrating and hard to submit to an authority figure, especially one that is not gentle in their guidance but it is better to practice meekness and patience to get what you can out of their guidance so long as it isn’t harmful to your well being physically or mentally.

Just because we don’t like how they do things, even if it humbles, frustrates or challenges us you are far better learning and growing from experience of others then tripping along the way and learning it the harder longer way.

God bless Pact Keepers, until next week for more Christian comics, blogs and art!

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