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One of the things we learn in this world Brothers and Sisters is that all things on this world are finite, temporary, living on borrowed time.

From the stars in the sky that will one day burnout in a fiery nova to the lowly gnats buzzing outside who will live their lives in just a few days and this can be a scary thing to think about, that nothing here on this planet is permanent but in truth some things here are, they are just not OF this world.

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil—some, longing for it, have gone astray from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

But you, O man of God, flee from these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faithfulness, love, perseverance, and gentleness. ~ 1st Timothy 6:11

Here we read a warning to avoid evil things, particular the pursuit of money, I can attest that being greedy and wanting money for money’s sake is a poisonous mindset, money is like food and water, its a resource we need but is not all there is, its tangible and perishes and is not worth any of our short time on Earth to idolize as something more then a resource.

So if we should not spend out time pursuing worldly things, even something as valuable as money then what is it we can pursue that is worth our important time God has given us here? Look at the verse again, we are called to pursue a set of actions, mindsets and virtues, forms of good character and love.

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But why is this of any use to us, if we have already said our time is so short why pursue these ideas and actions over things we want or can lay our hands on? The answer is simply, these things are not simple attributes, these are attributes that reflect and are treasured by God himself, these things are seen as immensely valuable to the very King of the Universe who is eternal and thus these things will live on forever with him and will not share in this world’s limited lifespan.

As children of God we are called to not only want these things but pursue them because they are valuable for all time, we will take our full measure of these things with us from this world and build on them further after the Revelation of Jesus Christ (The Apocalypse). We can only take our Faith and good character with us because it is the “Treasures stored up in Heaven” that Jesus referred to so it is our acts of charity, forgiveness, faith and other redeeming godly traits that will benefit us for all eternity and we only have so many days to stake our claim in this world.

So let us not get blinded by the perishing things of this world, let us pursue them only as far as they will help us store up our REAL treasures for the world that will remain forever after this one is gone because the next one will make this world look like a simple grain of sand on the coast line.

So do not be afraid of the setting sun or the ticking clock, do not shed to many tears for the things you may or may not get in this world that cannot be invested in your eternity, live your best life each day and make wise choices in how you act and treat others, in your thoughts and actions for it is always of value when we pursue righteousness!

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