Pact Blogs: Godzilla vs King Kong minus the CGI

Its….A little weird!

Godzilla vs king Kong via pact comics

I wanna be excited for this movie, I love kaiju movies and Godzilla most of all, but will it measure up to THIS kind of cinematic splendor?

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  1. bree hayashi says:

    ウワハハ! リトルピンクだ! (≧▽≦)
    Wahaha! It’s Lil’ Pink! Major domo for indulging me by including her! Keep up the great work, Uncle Duncle / Pact Comics! 頑張れっ! Ganbare!

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    1. Uncle Duncle says:

      Lol, always happy to get that lil’gremlin into a comic, that trailer just gave me a good excuse! XD // Thanks for the encouragement Brikko-kun, God bless! 😀


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