Pact Blogs: Who is Lil’Blue?

Christians, chibis and the reader’s voice!

From mascot to Christian chibi and fan favorite

Odds are even before you clicked this link you have seen this little character hanging around this site, my social media accounts and in many comics I’ve done before but Lil’Blue was not an intentional character, in fact I never meant for him to become more then a logo but Lil’Blue would prove to be uncontainable!

So lets take a look at the face of Pact Comics, The character that started the charge for my Christian chibi hoarde, the one who has been in the most pact comics and the character who by far has gotten the most love over the years…

In The Beginning

Lil’Blue met paper for the first time in 2014, roughly a year after I started my comic studio under the name Dy Comics and I was studying branding pretty heavily then and I remember reading that a mascot was a good way to get people to personalize your brand and make it more memorable.

The article cited Disney’s Micky Mouse and Pikachu from the Pokemon series as examples and I saw their point, these characters had long put a face to the names they were associated with and with this thought in mind I went ahead and began shaping my own brand face, taking the beloved fanatsy icon of the dragon and adding elements from my characters both past and current and before I knew it I had…Yudra?

This was the name of my very first series and I thought it would make a nice homage to my humble beginnings BUT readers, some of you no doubt, began referring to this little guy by the common moniker “Little Blue” and after several months of this I decided it was the people’s will and Lil’Blue was officially born.

But as people latched onto this little blue critter I found myself being encouraged to show more of him and little by little blue made more and more quest appearances until finally he began getting his on series.


Lil’Blue made his official debut as a Pact Comics character in his Christian Children comic series “Lil’Scriptures” where a one panel comic depicting Lil’Blue themed by a bible verse. These quick little comics served as fast and easy additions to my otherwise slow and painful upload schedule and served as center pieces to many blogs in the past.

Christian Comics for kids

Modern Day

Lil’Blue after more then eight years has grown from cute logo decoration to the heart and soul of the Pact Comics in many ways, hes a little idea God gave me that turned into a flagship that has gone on to be the most successful character I’ve had to this day with Lil’Blue comics and merch being more and more common with each passing year.

This has slowly led to the Lil’Blue we come to today, a sweet, helpful if not precocious little chibi that acts as the anchor and moral compass for his often foil and counter part Dunk and making sure that no matter how dark things can get there is always something to laugh about, an icon that no matter what happens we need to make sure we keep a little hope and humor with us in the good times and the bad.

As a comci creator and a Christian its important to remember that God gave us imagination for a reason that part of creativity is flexibility, it means starting over, it means sticking to our guns, it means grabbing every idea and letting go of some and most importantly it means being able to let the other creative minds around you help shape the clay God has given you because God gave them a creative outlook just as valuable as yours!

So next time your sketching up a character you don’t will amount to to much, stick with them a little longer because you never know what God will turn that seed in your mind into, it might end up being the best thing you ever made!

Christian chibis

So that is a look at Lil’Blue, let me know what you think and what character you want to see in our next bio blog Pact-Keepers, until next time God bless and be safe!

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