Pact Blogs: God and Gratitude

Why Gratitude is essential to walking with God.

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Rejoice always, pray constantly, in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Messiah Yeshua. Colossians 3:17

Hello Pact Keepers!

We see the call to be thankful often in scripture, it directs us to focus on being thankful in and through Christ for all things but sometimes its easier said then done, right now I know people dear to me struggling with the covid virus, there is unrest in my life and needs that have yet to pass, feeling grateful for anything with so much hanging over us can be hard.

I will profess this as well, when you take the time to be grateful in face of these challenges who are greatly honoring God and when you truly decide to honor God and not idolize our issues we can better see that while our problems are finite God has been here before them and will be here with us after them!

So today if you think on matters and remember all the problems and hard times you have already come through with God you will surely find old and new reasons to be grateful and give God the trust and love we are called to hold to in our walk with him. This will give us hope, resolve and new strength to wait on the Lord and shows God how we are growing in him, something that will lead to God’s favor and blessings both now and down the road.

When we choose to rest in the memory and gratitude of God’s past actions and kindnesses on our behave it helps us to remember these new moments of uncertainty or pain are usually no more then passing things and always shows us that since we are still here we have survived ALL of our worst days and can trust God to carry through the ones to come until it is our spirit’s turn to be called back to hi, even then knowing we will be grateful to see our Father at long last come for us at the end of all things of this world.

Take some time to dwell on these things Pact Keepers and until next time GOD BLESS!

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