Making Christian Comics: Inspiration.

How to get started making Christian Comics.

Digimon is owned by Saban Brands and not Pact Comics

I remember the scene above vividly even though its been more then two decades, my little sister and I had just finished playing “The Floor is Lava” and we needed a break after jumping all over the furniture around our living room. We decided to see what was on TV and as we skipped through the channels we I saw this scene, a giant cyborg dinosaur shooting shark shaped missiles out of it’s chest at a masked vampire that swatted it away with a blood red bolt of lightening….I was so enthralled by this admittedly bizarre thing I not a day would go by where I was not working on some kind of story again or doodling a comics in a notebook.

I was inspired.

Wolverine is owned by Marvel/Disney

Granted my inspiration was not just this, the 90s were such an interesting time as anime and manga began getting a real foothold in America, the internet was spilling into more and more homes rapidly and some of the best Marvel and DC content was being produced as well.

But there was something about that fight between Metalgreymon and Myotismon that seemed to seal the deal, God had filled me with more then a desire, it was a need to be apart of this custom of adding my on twist on the Creative Realm and years later I made the move to take it a step further and pledge my gift back to him in exchange for his support.

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo

So if you want to be Creative for Christ as well my advice is to remember moments like mine, moments you knew you you wanted to create fantastical things and give them to the God that inspired you through sometimes the oddest things…Like a dragon fighting a lava duck with a butt shaped head!

Be it comics, manga (Yes there is a difference), animation, music or writing you got to start by remember what lit a fire inside of you, why is it important to you? When did the feeling that you wanted to do this not just for God but with God come? Which of your ideas makes you the most excited?

Odds are when you know these you will know where to start, so take your time, think back and get ready to move forward!

Until next time Pact-Keepers, God bless!

Sailor Moon is owned by Toei

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