MMOs and Monsters: SKINS

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I play a lot of MMOs and in them you begin to see very familiar faces.

You have ROLEPLAYERS people whos favorite aspect of the game is logging in and immersing in the theatrics and assuming the identity of their character and enjoying the experience of exploring a new world through new eyes.

Then you have PVPers who are players that enjoy battling other players, they enjoy the thrill of competition and knowing they are not beating a mob or NPC programmed to think and act a certain way but have won a real victory against real people.

And then….You have COLLECTORS people that redo the same dungeon, raid or scenario for week, months and years for a certain item, one they may not even intend to use but want it solely so they can use the appearance or SKIN as a transmog or cosmetic for their real gear.

Collectors like me and Star will log in and sit at a waterfall for hours without even knowing if the MOB we are waiting for will even show up that day but we do know we want the mount it will (Hopefully) have! We spend days killing hundreds of MOBS until one finally drops the item we wanted be it a Skin, Pet, Effects, Mount or Gear.

Its a time consuming hobby to have sometimes and can be immensely frustrating not getting an undead pegasus after years of raiding or a world drop after your 500th dead Shaman of Ashes but but nothing quite brightens up the game like when you finally do get a long sought after treasure, being there the moment a rare mob spawns in caring items guaranteed to be there or even better getting a super rare item on your first try after having convinced yourself it will be awhile!

The reality is also somewhat bittersweet….You have hundreds of items collected in terms of Skins, Gear, Mounts and Effects but you only have ONE character you can play and like Star shows us sometimes all you really get is the feeling of a job well done and an addition to your collection your likely to never really use, if your lucky though it was fun, you got to relax, maybe brought some Guildies or friends along and enjoyed the hunt before moving on to the next adventure!

Until next time Pact Keepers, God bless!

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