Christian Manga: High Society Chapter 1 End

Our christian superhero comic ends it’s first chapter.

It is so great to finally be done with this chapter…

I loved making it but in the six years I have been making Christian superhero comics as an amateur and now semi-profession funding, health issues and devastating technical issues have seen to it that no project until now was truly finished.

It makes me kind of teary to know I get to move this story further into it’s own universe.

In six years this is my first finished chapter for a personal project, its such a small part of whats to come but God willing this little step forward will be end up being a great journey for all of us!

Christian superhero comics are a ever growing genre. We need more creators passionate about creating for God to keep throwing their two cents into the mix.

If you feel led to donate you can do so here!
Christian comics
Read the whole chapter for free!

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