Pact Comics – Chatting and Christian Manga

Question: What has God done for you and do you make Christian Manga?

So I wanted to make a more personal connect with you Pact Keepers so I decided to start posting some videos where I draw a bit and make some talking points on Christian manga and comics.

A big part of Christian manga for me goes back to when I felt I was the only person on Earth that wanted to see a Christian take on the popular Japanese comic style and what I found in it was…underwhelming for the most part.

The only known series were either preachy to the point of being unrelatable or robbed on real godly messages and elements by ashamed writers who had taken up a secular mindset.

That being said I have found many enjoyable series in the Christian manga genre over the years including the works of Inkhana and Calbhach’s Gameplan

inkhana christian manga gameplan

Gerry Lee and Larry Blake’s New Sons of Thunder

Christian manga new sons of thunder

…And Rejoice! Studio’s Days of Noah series to name a few but I have met several other talented writers and artists whom God has inspired.

days of noah christian manga rejoice! studios

These people have encouraged and inspired me over the years and have proven that God is indeed interested in the medium of comics and manga and is inspiring workers to go out and start planting seeds in this field for his glory and for the good of his servants.

I have been doing this for several years now and I want to work in Christian manga, comics and webcomics for the rest of my life, I feel called to feed God’s flock of black sheep who are not quite traditional Christians but also not secular sellouts.

I want to and get great pleasure from feeding God’s creative, world weary and imaginative flocks who need a safe place to enjoy their fantastic stories and appreciate God’s own creativity both in them, others and the world.

Please share this post and if you want to share please comment as well, God bless Pact Keepers until next time, bye!

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