Christian Webcomics – Dunked 1

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Christian webcomics - Lil'Blue, Pact Comics
Christian Comics – Lil’Blue

Christian Webcomics – Dunked #1

You may notice this comic looks a bit older and rougher then the others…Or maybe thats wishful thinking on my part….BUT, never the less this comic is important because when I was trying to come up with ideas for “Christian Comics” they kind of just felt forced and unreal, the name “Christian Comics” implies it has to talk about some spiritual matter or else it is in fact not a “Christian Comic” but the truth I have found is that a comic for Christians doesn’t need a bible verse or spiritual message in and of itself, it just needs to entertain and be safe for the Christian reader to enjoy and forget their problems for awhile, just like any comic should do for their target audience…..

….Thats why I took the time to draw my hair being mangled by a chibi drake…Enjoy Pact-Keepers!


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