Christian Comics – Guild Tomes: Paladin 1

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Christian comics
A Christian fantasy comic series.

Christian Comics – Guild Tomes Paladin 1

My crusade through the uncharted lands of Christian comics has brought us back to this, Guild Tomes, my very first series some of you may remember back when this studio was called DY Comics.

This is the story of how young Adventuring Paladin Dron Hahmer started his path was a Mystic Templar of Graith’s Paladin order, found his place in a world that never wanted him, earned the scars on the left side of his face and had a life changing encounter with the first Paladin Dragonick Yurale, ancient titan and protector of the world of Mon-Star.

This series was actually commissioned by a fan who loved the first series and wanted the prequel before the upcoming revised comic after this so if your a fan of Christian comics and Christian fantasy your boat has come in as we take off on an exciting tale of faith, swords and mystical destinies.

God bless Pact Pact Keepers!

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