Pact Blogs #2: Psalm 84:11 – God is a sun and shield (Part Two)


  Part 2

Now, in the last blog we talked about David’s description of God, calling his existence in the life of his people being akin to the sun and today we will look at the second apt description in this psalm, a shield and see how this is true.

Now a shield is often portrayed as a large, metal piece of hand held armor usually with at least a slightly rounded surface to help deflect blows but in truth shields have taken many forms from small wicker weaves to tower shields as big as the wielder made of thick hard wood but the purpose is always the same, defense.

I can’t remember a single book in the bible where God does not come to at least one person’s defense…Just a fun fact.

Now like the seed lets look at the shield in a new way because while a shield is prhaps the most well known symbol of defense it, if used correctly, blocks a grievous, life ending blow but often the impact and force of that blow is still felt and its painful.

Imagine a warrior locked in battle, again and again their foe rains down heavy blows on the warrior and its all the warrior can do to make sure he gets his shield up in time to deflect and repel the blows. The shield is keeping him alive but to rely on the shield so often in rapid succession is not an easy task and between the force of their foe’s blows and the weight of lifting their shield so much after awhile it seems impossible that this can go on much longer.

But just as the fight seems lost the warrior sees their foe is losing steam, they have thrown all they have, swinging and thrusting at his head, legs, chest and arms and each time the shield is there to repel them and take the worst of it and now their relentless foe has nothing left to give, their weapon hangs heavy in their hand and all their strength to pursue is no more, they could not best the shield and now before it they are powerless to kill the warrior because of it.

   Pact Keepers, God will always be our shield if we call on him in faith, often we may not even need to call on him, hes seen the danger before we do or before we can react to it clearly because no parent will watch on as their child is assaulted without a fight. But each fight is a teachable moment and like with a real shield we will still feel the impact of the blow to some degree and relying on God under a long or frequent vicious assaults will wear us out even though it keeps us safe.
   Take heart though Pact Keepers, no pain we endure leaves us stagnant, each pain we suffer burns away more and more of our weakness because even when we feel weak God is making us stronger for the road ahead, God never lets us suffer in vain, no matter how awful the pain, trust your shield despite the pain, it can and will save you if you hold onto it and apply it to the areas you need protection.
So carry all of Psalm 84:11 with you this week and dwell on the many things God does for us, a universal aspect of our lives providing, among so many other things growth and protection.
God bless, until next time.

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