High Society – Ch 1


001cover Christian comics

Creativity is one of God’s virtue’s rarely celebrated or sought after. I have seen it fought, banished and persecuted in the church and those who God has entrusted with it afflicted with isolation and resentment as if they were children to foolish to know they held poison…

Some people, you and I included would call this medicine, just one look at the common platypus and you know God has a sense of humor and a taste for the off beat.

A case for Christian comics

In fact thats something people said about Jesus, he just did not seem to fit the bill on what was considered a godly representative back in the day, so if you feel like you don’t fit into the church?

No you are the church and you you belong in God’s grace for that reason, your his dearly loved creative treasure and you belong, so lets get this story and many others started!

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